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What Everyone Ought to Know About Being a Landlord – A Handy Guide

By Tamara Willis

To start anything new in life whether it’s learning to drive a car, building a bookshelf or becoming a better landlord, it just makes sense to follow some basic instructions – guidelines to help you avoid making mistakes that can cost you time and money. So why do we need to “read the manual” and what is it that we can learn from how Auckland rental company Ray White Best Property Management helps landlords? They believe that it is their responsibility to educate landlords and have written a comprehensive guide to ensure clients have the most up to date information available for much better outcomes.

Meanwhile, here’s the Six Reasons Why People Don’t Read Instructions and why they should read the Landlord Information Guide which is freely available from Best Property Management.

1. “I Don’t Have Time”
When embarking on the complexities of renting out your residential properties, you’ll sometimes have a situation forced upon you when a tenant is vacating, or the tenancy rules are suddenly changing, or in addition to having a large time-consuming portfolio, you also have a day job. Time is a valuable commodity so to make things easier on yourself, our Landlord Information Guide has a handy contents list so you can jump straight to the bits that relate to you and download the document for later browsing.

2. “I Can’t be Bothered”
For an undertaking as significant as committing your residential property to be occupied by tenants, the access to and need to read a comprehensive guide laying out all that you can expect as a landlord means that ‘being bothered’ is fundamental. At Ray White Best Property Management, we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the processes, legal obligations and huge quantity of information in the changing property management landscape that you do need to know.

3. “I Already Know Everything”
As an experienced landlord you may have a breadth of knowledge that is substantial. However, as a property management company operating in a constantly changing environment of legislation and market developments, Ray White Best Property Management are at the cutting edge of information and what you need to know at any given time. Our guide is updated to incorporate the necessary data and facts to help you come to grips with some things that you may think you already know but are not aware of. It’s the old case of “you don’t know what you don’t know”.

4. “I’m Just Using My Common Sense”
Unfortunately, common sense, while an admirable quality to possess is not going to cut it in the legal minefield of the property management business. Our Landlord Information Guide covers complex subjects such as meth testing, asbestos, fire risks, Healthy Homes & RTA Amendments, health and safety – all questions which have clearly defined rules and guidelines that landlords must follow to avoid costly and time-consuming issues.

5. “I’ll Just Call When I Need to Know Something”
Having an up-to-date Information Guide supplied by your property manager that contains all that you need to know, is a handy reference that Best Property Management provide freely to any visitor landing at the Landlord Information Guide section on our website. Yes, we invite you to call us to discuss your property management needs in depth but logically, a comprehensive 48-page guide to deliver the A – Z of property management is a valuable tool to keep on hand for reference and reassurance.

6. “ The Instructions aren’t Clear”
This might be the case if you’ve bought a product manufactured in a foreign country with instructions that make no sense. Our Landlord Information Guide is a clear, wide-ranging document that has been well-written, fine-tuned and is frequently updated and edited to offer landlords clarity and assist them in covering all the questions they may have in making their property investment and rental decisions.

Our information guide covers off a multitude of subjects from exploring what kind of landlord you are, getting your property ready to rent, legislation and the Act, right through to the Top Ten Tips for Adding Value to your Investment. At Ray White Best Property Management, we understand the importance of educating landlords to help them achieve their financial goals, maximise the return on their investment and mitigate the risk of costly mistakes. We invite you to read the Ray White Landlord Information Guide and “follow the instructions” for a better property management experience.

If you are concerned about any aspect of your experience as a landlord, please download our useful Landlord Information Guide and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from embracing the comprehensive information covered in this valuable document.

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