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The Hassle of Managing Your Rental Property

By Tamara Willis

The Hassle of Managing Your Rental Property

Trust has been interpreted as a “person’s willingness to accept (and/or) increase their vulnerability based on implicit or explicit information”. In other words, trust is about acceptable uncertainty on the part of the person who is granting it. The business of a property management company and its property managers is to take ownership of the hassle of managing a rental property and reassure an investor/owner that they can trust the assignment of their precious asset to another. It’s a big ask. And it’s one that Ray White Best Property Management undertakes protectively with professionalism, diligence and care.

Managing Property as if it’s Our Own

It’s a cliché that gets bandied about but at Ray White Best Property Management we have a substantial level of understanding about what it is to own residential rental property – principally because we are currently or have been, landlords ourselves. That special relationship which exists between property owner and property manager is based on our willingness to holistically embrace every aspect of the management and make all the hassles, responsibilities and liabilities ours to carry. on behalf of our clients.

Free up Your Most Valuable Commodity – Time

The onus is on our property managers to carry the burden that sometimes goes with owning a rental property. This so you don’t have to negotiate your way through the property management legislative minefield or impact your personal life when the unexpected crisis crops up on the inevitable public holiday weekend. These days owning an investment property is so much more than merely collecting rent. The time needed to navigate the occasional choppy waters of maintaining harmonious relationships with tenants are so much better served when you can employ those who know the ropes.

Leave it to the Experts

Best Property Management’s team have the resources and tools to deal with whatever may crop up with what is likely to be your most valuable asset. We have a relationship that starts from the moment we take the marketing photographs and screen to select the ideal tenant right through to regular property inspections and communicating the financial and physical status of your specific property and the rental market generally. Our holistic approach gives you peace of mind and certainty that all is running smoothly.

We Make it Our Business to Know the Rental Business

While you can sit back and relax watching the rental returns drop into your bank account, you can also feel safe in the knowledge that we are proactively keeping up to date on the world of property investment so that we can constructively advise you on how to maximise your returns and grow your portfolio. Not all property management companies do this but at Ray White Best Property Management we pride ourselves on our depth of property knowledge and commercial judgement when creating ways to enhance your portfolio and develop a valued business relationship with you.

It Just Makes Sense to Talk to Us First at Best

As professionals first and equally as investor owners ourselves, we understand your needs and invite you to reach out and discuss ways in which our team can take the hassles off your plate and take ownership of them for you. Call Ray White Best Property Management on (09) 528 3456

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